Welcome to Pick A Puppy, where best friends are chosen! Our goal is to provide the public with quality bred, healthy puppies. We strive to provide a comfortable, open, and friendly environment for our clients. When purchasing through Pick A Puppy, know that you are not just purchasing a puppy, but a best friend to enjoy years of joy with, which is why we are the only website to offer Extensive Written Lifetime Health Warranties on all of our puppies. We want our clients to feel comfortable and ensured that we have their best interest in mind as well as the puppies.

All Pick A Puppy puppies come with free lifetime dog training. Training a puppy is a big part of ownership. It can create an everlasting bond between you and your new best friend. One of the first steps is getting the puppy! From there we move on to what it is that you will need to create the proper environment for your new best friend! Let us guide you with our expertise on house breaking, basic obedience, and more. Pick A Puppy breeders understand the importance of properly vaccinating their puppies at the correct ages. This ensures that they are appropriately vaccinated with the correct dosage and helps their immune system grow.

All Pick A Puppy puppies will have their permanent vaccinations and wormings up to date and age appropriate. Depending upon your individual vet will depend on when the next booster is due to complete their series. Microchipping is also already done on all Pick A Puppy puppies. The only thing left to do is register the puppy in your name! Pick A Puppy breeders devote countless hours to the love and affection of every puppy, which is why they have entrusted us to find a loving and devoted family for their puppies. We look forward to assisting you in the search for your new best friend!