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Just wanted to send you a an updated picture of our hilarious puppy we purchased from you last year. She loves to lay on her back to sleep and boy does she snore! Jazzy (formerly known as Tess) has fit right in and always makes us laugh. She loves everyone she meets and is too smart, she has trained us well haha. She is boss of the house and our Boxer that towers over her knows that she is queen! Thank you again for all your help. Jazzy is a great dog. When we are ready for another (have to convince hubby first) we will definitely want a puppy from the same breeder and will be calling you!



Payment Plans

Our payment plan options are very simple. We use both NEXTEP Funding and WAGS Lending. Both companies operate very similar to a financing company where you have to apply to be approved. Both WAGS and NEXTEP are third party companies to Pick A Puppy. You can apply from this page by simply clicking on a banner. You can also apply by clicking on a banner under any puppy picture on that puppy’s primary page.

Once you have completed their application and submit it, they typically notify you within 3 to 5 minutes of an approval. If approved for the full amount (plus shipping), the only amount required to put down would be your first months payment and the warranty fee ($25 – $35).

The Warranty with WAGS and NEXTEP is extra coverage. WAGS and NEXTEP both offer Vet Bill reimbursement in the event you should need it. We would need to generate a contract for the specific puppy you have chosen. Contact us with your choice in puppy and we can help you finalize your purchase.

You have the option of applying for BOTH WAGS and NEXTEP to see who would give you a better term, monthly payment and other options. Terms range from 12 months and upward. Monthly payment amounts are dependent upon your banking history and credit.  You can also call and apply directly over the phone with either WAGS, NEXTEP, or Us!