Pick A Puppy is the ONLY site where your new puppy comes with:

*Free Lifetime Dog Training!*

  • Housebreaking

  • Litter Box Training

  • Problem Avoidance

  • Bonding Exercise

  • Trick Training Techniques

  • Obedience training advice for come, heel, sit, stay, down and more!

All of this and more is available to YOU, simply by purchasing from Pick A Puppy!


The training covers but is not limited to: housebreaking, general obedience, and problem avoidance. Pick A Puppy offers training as an informational source only and it should not be perceived or utilized as an alternative to actual physical training with a qualified dog trainer.

Pick A Puppy is available to provide you with easy to understand information to help you transition your new puppy into his home and help raising him as smooth an experience as possible!

You will be entitled to utilize Pick A Puppy, Inc. proprietary dog training, accessible only to puppy purchasers on our site, after delivery of the puppy, simply by logging into our site. Training includes information that show dog trainers utilizing various techniques with dogs in training, as well as written information, accessible through logging in to our site.

Training should begin upon arrival home starting with housebreaking or litterbox training and learning his name along with bonding time with his new family. Then, the introduction of basic obedience and problem avoidance should begin and continue with regularity for any consistency in behavior to be obtained.

The owner is responsible for providing all physical training and understands and agrees that any delays in beginning or continuing training sessions or any inconsistency on the part of the owner may result in a wide variety of negative, behavioral issues which is the sole responsibility of the owner.

The owner agrees that they will provide training to the puppy purchased and that they are responsible for properly socializing the puppy, providing a loving home with consistent and clear boundaries, and will not physically abuse or otherwise emotionally or physically neglect the puppy.

Maintenance of Goals– The owner acknowledges that Pick A Puppy training does not train the dog, but instead offers information for the owner to train the dog according to information provided. In order for the dog to obey the owner, the following must occur:

The owner must understand the basic principles of dog training.

The owner must apply the basic principles of dog training.

The owner must regularly work with the dog, everyday.

Guarantee– Pick A Puppy does not guarantee any results since the actual training is done by the owner.

Pick A Puppy does not guarantee that the dog will not: go to the bathroom in the house, chew destructively, run away, act aggressively, bite or injure a human or another animal, at anytime.

Training Tips Liability– All behavioral and training suggestions and tips are provided to the owner at their own risk. Use of the Pick A Puppy Training information on the site is voluntary and Pick A Puppy, Inc. is not responsible for any injury to any human or animal. The owner is at all times responsible for the actions of their dog. Pick A Puppy is not responsible for any injuries or expenses incurred resulting from any socialization, training, or lack thereof. The owner hereby agrees to hold harmless Pick A Puppy, Inc. The owner understands and agrees that any cancellation of use of the Pick A Puppy training tips shall not be monetarily reimbursable to the owner since this is a free service and as such has no monetary value and therefore the owner shall not seek restitution from Pick A Puppy.