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  • All puppies for sale will come Microchipped! The pet owner simply registers their pet’s microchip number and supplies the microchip company with important contact information so that in the event that their pet gets lost or stolen, the animal shelter or veterinarian hospital that picks up their animal can simply scan the animal with a special scanner, retrieve the identification number, punch that number into a computer and have the owner on the phone in a matter of minutes! Every puppy that we sell will have a microchip before going to their furever home!
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Lifetime Health Warrantees

  • *Lifetime warranty for:
  • Hip Dysplasia!
  • Congenital Defects!
  • Genetic Defects!
  • Accidental Death!
  • Disease!
  • Parvo Virus!
  • Hepatitis!
  • Leptospirosis!
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Dog Training

  • Housebreaking
  • Litter Box training
  • Problem avoidance
  • Bonding exercise
  • Trick training techniques
  • Obedience training for come, heel, sit, stay, down, and more!
  • All this and more is available to YOU, simply by purchasing from Pick A Puppy!
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The Pick A Puppy Promise

We are incorporated in Ohio and USDA licensed and inspected! Pick A Puppy understands how scary it is to purchase online and to be assured that your purchase isn’t a scam. Well rest assured that Pick A Puppy is the real deal. Pick A Puppy is incorporated in the State of Ohio so you can feel comfortable that you aren’t dealing with a boiler room in a foreign country! Further, Pick A Puppy is licensed and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA licenses and inspects agricultural businesses such as dog breeders and sellers to provide protections for the care and health of the animals and to provide peace of mind for our customers that are looking to purchase puppies for sale that we are a legitimate company!