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With dozens of pet classifieds and online retailers, you could spend days going from site to site looking for a specific breed, researching and comparing prices, ages, breeders, and pedigrees, etc.

At PICK A PUPPY we provide an easy to use site that makes finding the right pet for your lifestyle simple, and for breeders and sellers we make your ability to find good homes for your puppies and dogs fast and simple. While offering one of the largest selections of available pets on the web sounds great, we wanted to take it one step further. By providing prospective pet owners with the right tools needed to make an educated decision on which breed and individual pet may be best suited to their home, PICK A PUPPY offers creative tools such as our “Compare” tool that allows users to choose 3 pets to compare to see what may be the best choice for them.  PICK A PUPPY also offer a “favorites” module that allows users to browse through the individual listings and add them to their favorites so they can go back and never lose a potential new best friend by forgetting where they saw that listing.  At PICK A PUPPY our goal is to help all pets find their forever homes through pet care education and the ability to connect pets and people on our site.

— Crystal, President of PICK A PUPPY


We strive to connect people with their new family members from caring individuals who invest their time and their hearts into each of the puppies and adult dogs they raise and care for that are available for sale or adoption. We strive to provide easy access to detailed information on each listing to help the public in making a well informed and educated decision when purchasing or adopting their next family member.

  • We focus on connecting pets and people.
  • We’re dog people.
  • We listen, We care, We get it.
  • We play as a Pack.
  • No Bull-Shih.

Pick A Puppy - Where Best Friends Are Chosen!


Our staff is made up of breeders, retailers, and rescues, (as well as our computer geeks) so we know the struggles of the industry and your desire to reach a wide audience to find good, qualified, forever homes for your available puppies/dogs. We can discuss the best way for you to advertise effectively and without spending too much time on the computer when you would rather be spending your time caring for your furry friends.  If you have any special requests regarding your listings, just ask, we aim to please!

Placing ads for your puppies and dogs for sale or adoption on all the different sites can be very time consuming and very pricy. At PICK A PUPPY we offer many different types of memberships for placing ads at very low pricing compared to our competitors.  We even offer free ads!

We are here for you when it counts. We believe customer service comes in all shapes and sizes (just like breeds of dogs) and to that end we provide phone and email support for our customers! You can reach us at PICK A PUPPY by phone for support 6 days a week, or by email 7 days a week!



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