How To Sign Up

Signing Up / Registering for Pick a Puppy is completely free for General Users and Breeders and Sellers. We only need a few things from you before we can create your account. Follow the steps below to Register for an account with Pick A Puppy

Get to Registration Page

On any page, at the top right, click on Menu. A sliding menu will appear and at the bottom you will see and Click "Register".

Sign Up Using Facebook

Signing up using your Facebook is very simple. Simply navigate to the bottom of the registration form, tick the "I agree with Pick a Puppy Terms" Box and Click the Blue Button That Says, "Login with Facebook". Your account will be automatically created and you will be logged in.

Sign Up Using Email

You are now ready to create your Pick A Puppy account. You will have to enter your Full Name (First and Last) in the first field.

The second field is where you will put the username you choose.

Next enter your E-mail address, be sure to check the spelling.

Now you will choose your password and enter it twice.

Lastly Tick the "I agree with Pick A Puppy Terms" and Click the Blue Button Called "Create My Account". Your Account is now created.

Make Sure You Tick the Terms Box

You Have Now Created an Account on Pick A Puppy