How To List A Puppy

Navigate to the Add A Puppy Page in your Breeder/Seller Account.

Begin your puppy listing by entering all of the puppy's specific information.

Next add your pictures and videos. At least one picture is mandatory. Additional pictures are optional. The more pictures you have the more views your puppy will get and the higher the chance of placing him or her into a home quicker. Videos are another great way to have your potential buyers connect with a puppy they haven't met yet. Even if it's a short 30 second video, it will prove to be beneficial

Now you can enter all of your contact information. These fields are important. This will let potential buyers know how and when they can contact you to talk about your puppy. Be sure to be specific. If you want text messaging only, write that in the "Contacting Detail" box. If you only want to take phone calls from 8AM to 2PM, make sure you write your specifics in the "Contacting Detail" box.

Lastly, you can either untick the "show my puppy highest in search results" if you would like to post a free ad, or leave it ticked to pay only $5 dollars which will show your puppies highest in the search results for that breed. Now Click "Add Puppy".

When the puppy listing has successfully listed, all form fields will clear and be ready for you to add another puppy.