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About The Collie

Famously known as lassie from the movies and television series, the Collie is a beloved dog that deserves the loyal following of admirers he has. Originally bred in England and Scotland, this herding breed has two distinct coat types, the rough coat (like Lassie) and the smooth coat, which is a short coated dog and rare compared to the rough coat. Standing at 20-24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing in at 40-70 pounds, the Collie is a medium size breed that is a great choice for an active family that enjoys spending time with their pet.

The Collie is highly intelligent, sweet, patient, and loving. He excels in many different activities and loves being outdoors playing, or inside sleeping at the feet or in bed with his loved ones. The Collie is gentle and eager to please and thrives with positive training methods and a loving owner that wants to include his pet in his daily life.

The coat of a rough coated Collie is long and gorgeous, soft and silky, thick and attractive. Grooming is accomplished at home by frequent brushing sessions to remove the dead hair from the undercoat and to prevent matting. Professional grooming is optional. The coat of the smooth coated Collie is short and easy to care for by simple brushing on a regular basis to remove dead hair in the undercoat and the occasional bath. No professional grooming is required.


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