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Doberman Pinscher

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About The Doberman Pinscher

A strong working breed that excelled in military work during World War II in Germany where they were originally bred and used as guard dogs, the Dobie is an extremely intelligent and active dog, with a good work ethic that also has the beauty to match his brains. Between 55-90 pounds in weight average and 24-28 inches tall at the shoulder, The Dobie is a breed choice for the person or family that is looking for a dog that they will spend a large amount of time with, training and exercising, and providing both mental and physical exercise, as well as firm and consistent boundaries to ensure a well rounded dog.

This breed is extremely intelligent. Can we say it twice? Extremely intelligent. If there is such a thing as too intelligent, the Dobie would fit into this category. This intelligence makes the Dobie easy to train for anyone willing to put in the time and effort, and a nightmare for anyone that is not. The breed is athletic, active, and thrives on being near their family. They don’t just need to be with their family, they require it, demand it even. They are considered Velcro dogs, meaning that they will never leave your side and are extremely devoted and thrive on both attention and positive training methods. The breed is both sweet and sensitive and just want to be loved by their family, and to play, and play, and play. This is a great breed choice for an active family or single. The Dobie makes a great jogging or hiking buddy and are good watchdogs. If you are up to the task, the Doberman is a devoted and loving companion. To be owned by a Doberman is to be loved unconditionally.

The coat of a Doberman is short and very easy to care for. Brushing sessions to remove dead hairs and the occasional bath will keep the coat in good condition. Shedding is minimal to moderate with this breed. The tail is typically docked short or some breeders are now choosing to leave it naturally long. The ears are either naturally floppy or can be cropped to stand erect.They come in a solid color of black, red, fawn, blue, with the occasional severe fault color of white. The breed typically lives 9-14 years


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