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English Mastiff

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About The English Mastiff

Also referred to as the Old English Mastiff, this colossal sized dog is one of the most ancient breeds, a favorite breed of landowners in England and widely used throughout the Roman Empire as a guard dog, the modern day Mastiff is still protective of his home and family. Listed in the working group, this 120-200 plus pound dog is larger than most men, standing at 25 inches tall or more at the shoulder. Known as the heaviest dog in the world, the record for weight was a dog from England named Zorba that weighed a whopping 342 pounds.

Today, the personality of the Mastiff is that of a gentle giant. He is patient and tolerant of children, protective of his home and master, and loving and sweet. He doesn’t seem to understand how large he is and will think nothing of trying to climb into his master’s lap for some quality cuddle time. Due to his sheer size and protective instincts, it is important to provide early socialization and training, before he is too big to handle comfortably. The breed needs space to stretch out, as well as a large budget to provide him with his large daily feedings. The Mastiff does best in a home that will accept him for the sweet, humungous, affectionate dog that he is, and also doesn’t mind lots of drool.

The Mastiff has a short coat that is easy to care for with regular brushing to condition the coat and he sheds moderately. With his excessively loose jowls, the Mastiff is a big drooler and those that love him must be prepared to handle the sloppy wet kisses and puddles of saliva. The breed typically lives 7-11 years. Coloring for the Mastiff is Red, Fawn, Brindle, Apricot, and Silver fawn.


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