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Giant Schnauzer

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About The Giant Schnauzer

The Schnauzer, bred in Germany, is actually three separate and distinct breeds, the Mini, the Standard, and the Giant. The Giant which is listed in the working group, is the largest of the three sizes, stands at 23-28 inches tall and weighs 55-100 pounds on average. The Giant was developed by introducing large, working breeds such as the Rottweiler and the Great Dane into the Standard Schnauzer lines.

The personality of the Giant is that of a highly intellectual dog with intense energy and typically lacking an off button. He requires space and immense amounts of both physical and mental stimulation to bring him to his best, and is not suited for most households due to his intelligence and drive. At his best, he is an amazing animal, capable of conquering any canine sport he is challenged to or inclined to enjoy. The Giant is loyal and loving, sweet and affectionate, curious and kind. He is also stubborn and willful, and a simply breathtaking dog to watch at play or work. He is velcro dog, needing to be with his family, he thrives best when part of his family daily activities. For anyone that is up to the challenge, the Giant will surpass your expectations, if you fail him, he will be your worst nightmare. This breed does best with a firm owner that sets boundaries and provides early socialization and obedience classes.

The coat of a Giant Schnauzer is medium in length and can be either soft American style coat, or the hard, German style of coat. The breed offers very little shedding, and is considered to be hypo-allergenic and low dander, making them a good choice for many with allergies. Brushing is needed to maintain the coat and prevent matting and professional grooming is recommended to trim the coat and keep it in shape. Ears on the Schnauzer can be naturally floppy or cropped to stand erect. The tail can be naturally long or docked short.

The colors of a Giant Schnauzer can be black, silver, black and silver, pepper and salt,


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