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About The Havanese

Originally from Cuba and the only native breed to the country, this breed is gaining in popularity around the world as a sweet, affectionate companion dog. A faithful companion to the writer Charles Dickens, the Havanese was seen for many years as a status symbol to the sugar barons of Cuba as well as celebrities and the wealthy aristocrats around the world. A member of the toy group, this breed stands at a scant 8-12 inches high at the shoulder and weighs in at a whopping 8-20 pounds.

The personality of the Havanese is joyful and happy-go-lucky. The breed thrives on human interactions and makes a wonderful pet. Small enough to do well in an urban lifestyle but adaptable enough to be content in a suburban or rural setting, the Havanese is ready for adventure, wherever he goes. The breed can be litter box trained and is ready to play tag football or have a tea party with the kids with equal excitement and patience. Smart and always eager to learn, this breed loves to perform whether it be obedience or tricks, and does well with positive training methods and consistency.

The Havanese coat is silky and soft and considered to be minimal to non-shedding and hypo-allergenic, making the breed a good choice for many allergy sufferers. Grooming is accomplished through frequent brushing to prevent matting, while professional grooming to clip the coat shorter is optional. Coloring varies widely on this breed from solid white to solid black, and parti-colors of varying shades.


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