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About The Keeshond

Popular in Holland as a barge dog that accompanied the ships crew, this happy dog is medium sized and is in the non-sporting group. With an average weight of 30-50 pounds and standing at 16-19 inches tall at the shoulder, the Keeshond is ready to be your friend. With perky, erect ears and a wispy tail that curls over his head, the Keeshond has a lion’s mane and a big smile.

The Keeshond is sweet and affectionate, his tail is always wagging and he is always ready to play. With a great sense of humor, he is tolerable of children and other animals, and makes a good watchdog. With an insulated double coat, he can handle cold weather like a champ and excels in outdoor activities and family fun. The Keeshond is obedient, agile, and sturdy, making him an excellent choice for many families and lifestyles.

The fluffy Keeshond has a long coat that insulates him well in cold weather and provides his owners with a soft, silky coat that is both beautiful and cuddly. His double coat is maintained through frequent brushing sessions to prevent matting and to remove the dead undercoat, along with the occasional bath. Professional grooming is not necessary as his coat is easy to care for by simply brushing on a regular basis, no trimming required. The breed sheds moderately to heavy and comes in a shades of silver/grey, giving him the appearance of a wolf like dog. Average lifespan is 10-15 years.


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