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Lhasa Apso

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About The Lhasa Apso

Originating in the mountains of Tibet as a guardian to the monasteries, the lion dog as he was often referred to is listed in the non-sporting group and typically weighs between 15-25 pounds and stands 9-13 inches tall at the shoulder. With a long lifespan of 12-18 years, this breed is happy wherever his master is and his loyalty is well respected by breed enthusiasts.

The Lhasa is an independent breed, loyal to his family and naturally wary of strangers, and he makes an excellent watchdog. The breed is intelligent and alert, stubborn when he wants to be, and thrives best with positive training methods and early socialization to ensure a well balanced companion.

The Lhasa has a long coat that is considered minimal shedding with a low dander level, which some consider to be hypo-allergenic, making the breed a good choice for many allergy sufferers. Frequent brushing is necessary to prevent matting with occasional trips to the grooming salon to trim the coat for ease of care. Coloring varies greatly for the Lhasa, including shades of black, white, gold, red, grizzle, cream, silver, liver, and brindle.


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