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About The Newfoundland

A working breed originally from Canada, the Newfy as he is called is a large, sweet breed. Originally bred to work with fisherman, he is as at home in the water as he is on land, excelling in both water rescue and as a service dog due to his patience and calm attitude. A Newfy average weight is 90-150 plus pounds and the breed stands at 25-29 inches in height at the shoulder. The Newfy is an affectionate dog, with a happy attitude and great strength and stamina to go along with his outgoing personality.

The Newfy is well rounded in his personality. He is gentle by nature and patient with children and other animals. The breed is devoted to their family and amiable in his disposition. The Newfy excels in many activities and is a good breed choice for service and support dog work as well as a companion and pet. He loves the outdoors and is just as happy playing in the snow with the kids as he is hiking through the mountains. The breed is obviously large and needs a family that will be able to support such a large dogs needs, both financial and otherwise.

The coat of a Newfy is always soft, thick, and of medium length. The coat of this beautiful dog is simply scrumptious to touch as your fingers get lost in his thick, luscious coat. If you ever wanted to own a live teddy bear, this is as close as you can get! He is a heavy shedder and the coat is easy to care for by providing frequent brushing sessions to remove the dead undercoat and prevent matting. Colors for the breed include black, brown, grey, and black/white. The average lifespan is 8-11 years.


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