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About The Pekingese

A member of the Toy group, and bred in China as a companion dog, the Pekingese was bred to be the cherished members of the royal family. Typically 10-12 inches tall at the shoulder and up to 20 pounds, the Peke is more than a lapdog, he is a courageous little protector of his home and family, never backing down from a fight.

Typically calm, he is a quiet and loyal breed, stubborn to a fault, and simply too adorable to ignore. A good choice for apartment living due to his lack of excessive yap, he is small enough to be litter box trained and carried through the streets of Manhattan, yet big enough in personality to carry himself well in suburban life. Wanting nothing more than to be with his family and some casual walks through the neighborhood, the Peke is adaptable and a good fit for a patient family that will provide firm boundaries and positive training methods to give this sweet little fellow a good start.

The coat of the Peke is silky, thick, and long, and sheds moderately. Grooming is accomplished by regular brushing sessions to remove dead undercoat.

Professional grooming is optional. Coloring for the Peke includes Black, Sable, Gray, Fawn, and Cream. The average lifespan is 12-16 years.

As this is a brachycephalic (short faced) breed, it is important to understand the needs of this type of breed prior to purchase to ensure that this breed suits your lifestyle and climate, and to provide proper care during hot weather or excessive activities for the health and well being of the dog.


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