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About The Pug

The Chinese Pug is listed in the Toy group, originating from China where he was bred as a companion and loved by the monks in Monasteries of Tibet. This stout little fellow stands at an average height of 10-14 inches at the shoulder and between 14-22 pounds of solid chunk. The Pug is said to have a face that only a mother could love with its flattened and smooshy features, but he is in fact loved and adored by many that find his handsome looks and outgoing personality simply irresistible.

The Pug is square and solid and masculine in his features. His sweet disposition and even temperament make him a playful and loving companion that is loyal and devoted. His size makes him a good choice for apartment living as he needs little space and little exercise to do well. Regular walks and some games of fetch are all that is needed to keep this little guy happy. The breed has a propensity to snore loudly and can be highly flatulent, adding even more character to an already charming little gentleman. The Pug is especially fond of all things edible, so his owner should be diligent to provide a proper diet to prevent obesity which would be hard on the Pugs joints.

The coat of the Pug is short and easy to care for through regular brushing and the occasional bath. Shedding for the breed is minimal and colors include shades of Fawn, Apricot, Black, and Brindle. The average lifespan for the breed is 12-16 years.

As this is a brachycephalic (short faced) breed, it is important to understand the needs of this type of breed prior to purchase to ensure that this breed suits your lifestyle and climate, and to provide proper care during hot weather or excessive activities for the health and well being of the dog.


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