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About The Rottweiler

The impressive Rotti is a working dog, bred in Germany originally bred as guard dogs and cattle driving dogs. His work ethic is sincere and he is a serious breed, especially when it comes to protecting his home and family. Standing at an average height of 22-28 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 70-110 pounds on average, his sturdy frame and massive head are intimidating to any intruder that would dare enter his domain.

The Rotti is intelligent, quiet, calm and ever watchful of his surroundings.
The only color allowed is black with red/rust markings. This is an intelligent, massive dog that is calm and quiet but ready to take action in a moments notice. He is an excellent watchdog. The Rotti does not need a lot of space to thrive, and does well in a variety of lifestyles. Consistent walks through the neighborhood works well for the breed as does hiking, swimming, and outdoor activities and sports. His keen intelligence makes it important to provide mental stimulation for this breed through obedience and mentally stimulating canine games. Gentle when properly socialized and well trained, this dominant breed does best with an owner that can provide firm boundaries and consistent expectations of allowable behaviors.

The short, dense coat of the Rotti is easy to care by simply brushing and giving the occasional bath. Shedding is considered minimal to moderate. The tail is usually docked. Average lifespan for the breed is 10-12 years.


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