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Saint Bernard

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About The Saint Bernard

This Swiss working breed is originally from Switzerland and is massive in size. Weighing between 100-200 plus pounds, this dog will stand 25- 30 inches tall at the shoulder. The breed actually has two coat types, the rough coat which is longer haired, and the smooth coat which is short haired.

Bred as a rescue dog to save the injured and lost in the Swiss Alps region of Europe, this breed is hardy and patient, making him a wonderful pet for those willing to share their home with a mammoth breed such as the Saint. The breed rose in popularity due to the movie series Beethoven, a comedy starring a lovable Saint Bernard puppy growing up with a family that was not quite prepared for the needs of the breed.
Due to their extra large size, the breed is best suited to suburban or rural living. The Saint is sweet, trustworthy, and patient with children. Early training and socialization is necessary to ensure that the breed is trained properly before he becomes too large, and so that he understands his need to be gentle and not jump on people in his desire to be friendly or playful. The breed is very smart and does well in a variety of canine activities.

The rough coat has a thick, dense coat that sheds heavily and is best maintained with frequent brushing to reduce shedding and remove dead undercoat. The smooth coat is slightly easier to maintain but sheds the same. His large jowls mean that the breed does drool heavily so owners that choose this breed must be prepared to deal with sloppy wet kisses and equally wet floors. Years of life will average between 8-10 years. Colors include red/white and mahogany/white, brindle/white, as well as white dogs with dark markings.


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