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Scottish Terrier

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About The Scottish Terrier

The dapper little gentleman known as the Scottie is a true Terrier, bred in Scotland for vermin control and full of zest for life. The average size for this big dog in a little package is between 10-13 inches high at the shoulder and 18-30 pounds in weight. The Scottie is most definitely NOT a lapdog. Tenacious and willful, the Scottie is fiercely loyal to his special person and protective of his home.

The personality of the Scottie is that of a happy little dog with a big dog attitude. Oblivious to his own size restrictions, he is comical and alert, and always ready to go out on the town with his beloved owner. His sense of humor is well known, as is his stubbornness, which is both exasperating and endearing. Not to be told what to do, the breed will happily comply if asked nicely (and in the mood). The Scotti has a loyal following of admirers who greatly appreciate this Velcrodog personality, incredibly attached to his family without being too needy, he simply wants to be with you. The breed is sturdy and hardy, loves to play, and loves to have fun, and loves most to sleep in bed with you. It is said that one does not own a Scottie, he shares his life with one.

The coat of a Scottie can be coarse or soft, and is thick, and medium in length with feathering on his face, legs and tail to add to his outstanding features. The breed is considered to shed very little and grooming can be accomplished with regular brushing sessions to prevent matting and the occasional clipping or stripping of the coat to make it more manageable and presentable. He has a low dander level and is considered by some to be hypo-allergenic making him a good choice for some allergy sufferers. His structure is unique in that he has a thick body, short legs, a long muzzle, and large erect ears. Colors are black, brindle, gray or wheaten. Average lifespan is 12-16 years.


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