why does my puppy bite me?

Why Does My Puppy Bite Me?

Written By: Crystal

Published on October 9, 2017

Why Does My Puppy Bite Me?

Whether you’ve owned several dogs in your life or you’re a new dog owner, there may be some behaviors that are a little “wacky” to you. Like for instance, why does my puppy bite me? Puppies much like children are teething when they’re very young through “adolescent years”.

This will cause the puppy to bite or chew or nip. Most trainers will call teething, exactly that, teething, or nipping. It is very rare that a good trainer will say the puppy is biting. Biting is used to describe a more serious event. So Why does my puppy bite me, is a common misconception. The puppy isn’t biting you, he’s nipping or teething on you. Here’s how you’ll fix it!

Teething causes the puppies teeth and gums to hurt. Unable to satisfy the hurt, most puppies will attempt to chew or teeth on various objects to satisfy the teething aspect. Having various chew toys with various textures will go a long way. You can also use things like rawhides and / or antlers. Make sure whatever chew you use, they are specific to puppies or dogs in that age bracket. Also check the ingredients and be sure the rawhides are 100% all natural so they are not processed with chemicals that could harm your furry friend!

We often hear, why does my puppy bite me? In honesty, one of the reasons would be that you are allowing him or her to do so. You also need to start redirecting your puppy so they understand you are not a chew toy. Redirecting may get frustrating, but you cannot give up! Puppies and Dogs are creatures of habit. The more you repeat the easier it gets. Every time your puppy or dog goes to nip or chew on you, you must use a firm corrective voice of “No,” and then give them and interact with them with a toy that is suitable for them to chew on. It is also important to not throw all the toys on the floor at once. Give them a handful of toys, go through all those toys throughout the week, then slowly start trading toys out for other toys so they feel they are getting new toys on a regular basis.

Why does my puppy bite me, still after trying the above? Well, let’s go back a little. As mentioned above you need to redirect and interact with the toy you are trying to get the puppy to chew on instead of you. This is not one of those exercises where you can just give the puppy a toy and walk away. Puppies need stimulation and interaction, and bonding. This is a great way to start building the bond. It’s important that you move the toy around, give the puppy the toy then take the toy back, throw the toy and call the puppy to you. All of these simple yet very important exercises play a role in bonding and training your puppy.

If you notice that the puppy has no interest in which ever specific toy you have chosen, then chose another. And remember you must consistently correct the puppy by tell him or her “No,” in an authoritative voice when they go to chew or nip at you. This is important for them to understand the boundaries. If you do not set boundaries and rules now for your puppy, then they may have a harder time respecting you later as their hormones develop and they get a little older.

Now, as the puppy takes which ever toy you have decided and does interact with you on a continuous basis with that toy, it’s important for you to praise and glorify that action. This will teach the puppy that chewing on you does not get rewarded, but chewing on his toy does. It is very important for bonding as well. Continuously praising the puppy with verbal praise and pets will build not only his or her self-esteem but also your bond with him or her. So many sure this is something you do repeatedly!

Another reason for why does my puppy bite me, is relatively simple and basic if you step back and think about the answer. Puppies and dogs communicate and play very differently than what people and humans consider “acceptable”. That is that they rough house, nip at each other’s ears, tails, paws, etc. while in their litter and packs. This is important to keep in mind as this is one of the deepest basic, core reasons for a puppy nipping. Simply because they do not understand it is a bad thing. Puppies and dogs will tell each other when something hurts and not to do something again by their yips and growls and grunts.

What we need to do as the new pack of the puppy is teach them using our own ways. Which are the things I outlined above for you. These things sound basic, but it takes time and patience to be able to accomplish and get your puppy to where you need him or her to be. If you notice yourself getting frustrated, stop, take a breath, and then start over. You getting frustrated helps absolutely no one, including your puppy. It’s important that you have fun and enjoy interacting with your puppy. Although its hard to say whether or not puppies can display emotions, and there is much debate that they cannot, they can certainly pick up on your emotions. So it’s always best to keep a calm cool collective position.

So, as you can see, when it comes to answering the question of why does my puppy bite me, there are several answers. We hope that this article helps and enlightens you just a little as to what the causes are and how to fix them. Until next time!

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