why does my puppy hump?

Why Does my Puppy Hump?

Written By: Crystal

Published on October 8, 2017

Why Does my Puppy Hump?

Why does my puppy hump? There can be various reasons for this. One reason which is very basic is your puppy is humping because of dominance. From a training standpoint, most puppies or dogs will hump whomever to display dominance against the other dog or person. Basically, they are saying they are more dominant over you and you are beneath them. Now, with that being said, I’ll come back to that. Generally speaking your puppy or dog is not humping for sexual reasons. However, this is a loaded response.

Why does my puppy hump? Well, is your puppy going through his hormone development? If he or she is and they are around an unaltered dog then yes, they could be humping for sexual reasons. However, this is typically male to female based. So, the male dog will hump and attempt to mount the female in an attempt to procreate. They do this for the main reasons as, that is how they are wired.

Now, going back to the dominance issue, well not really an issue but more reasoning. So, your puppy is humping due to dominance. There are some things you can do, one of those things would be to make sure you spay or neuter. They found in studies that you can actually neutered a male as early as seven weeks. Females however cannot be spayed until between four and six months of age, as a spay is much more involved than a neuter.

Some vets will recommend spaying or neutering as early as six months, other vets will recommend waiting until the puppy or dog is fully grown. In either event, doing your research and figuring out which solution works best for you is ideal. Some people ever spay or neuter their dogs. They don’t do this for the purpose of breeding but rather they feel their puppies or dogs should be left intact. Again, you have to find the solution that works best for you.

If you chose not to spay or neuter, not all hope is lost. Training plays a very large roll in humping and controlling your dog. You can simply train the humping out of your dog, to a certain degree. Intact males will be much harder to control around in tact females and when it is her heat cycle. However, some control can be maintained.

It is also important to work on individual bonding time (especially if you have more than one puppy or dog). You’ll want to work on first making she your puppy or dog is not humping you. When your puppy or dog goes to hump you, you need to correct this behavior by telling them no in a deep stern voice and push them off of you. You need to make them understand this behavior is not acceptable. Now, that does not mean hitting them. But simply push them off of you.

This reaction should be repeated continuously until the humping stops. As mentioned in previous articles, puppies and dogs are creatures of habit, the more you repeat the quicker they will pick up on it. If you are wishy-washy with it, meaning you correct it one day and not the next or every other time it is going to take him or her much longer to get the hang of what you actually want.

So as for why does my puppy hump me, as you can see there are various reasons. Most of which, however, revolve around training. So, no fear, training is something that can be accomplished day or night, young or old. As long as you are consistent and patient.

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