why does my puppy shake?

Why does my puppy shake?

Written By: Crystal

Published on October 7, 2017

Why does my puppy shake?

Why does my puppy shake is typically a common question for people who own smaller breeds? Typically shaking in a smaller puppy is more commonly seen then it is for a larger puppy.

Why does my puppy shake is a question that I will try and answer based on my years of experience around various breeds, speaking with various vets, breeders, handlers, etc.

So, why does my puppy shake, the first conclusion I’ve always come to is no, not because he or she is cold. But rather because he or she is so tiny. You might be scratching your head at this point wondering what I’m talking about. Here’s what I mean, so your new puppy or older puppy is super tiny, oh by the way, this portion applies to the super tiny puppies, just an FYI. So, your puppy is tiny, and you notice him or her shake. Well the reason your puppy is shaking could be because of the fact that they are so tiny. Their metabolism is running at a high rate and this high metabolism is what is causing them to shake.

Most people don’t see or understand this concept but it’s very true. As your puppy gets older and turns into a dog, even though they’ll forever be puppies to you, you’ll notice they shake less and less, and this is because their metabolism is slowing down.

Why does my puppy shake, theory number two? So, this theory may not be as fun. The reason your puppy is shaking could be because his or her sugar level is low. Now, this is definitely not so much fun. In the event that this is the cause of the shaking there are things you can do at home, liking giving Karo Light Syrup. This is basically just a sugar syrup. This can help get your puppy’s sugar levels up enough to make it to the vet. Give half a syringe, very slowly, as the syrup is very thick. A way of telling whether or not it’s your puppy’s sugar level, is by checking his or her gums. Lift up their lip and see what color his or her gums are. If they are pale that is when you sure call your vet and maybe give a little Karo. If the gums are pink or red and you touch them and the color bounces back then this may not be the cause of shaking.

Why does my puppy shake, theory three, this is not going to be as scary as number two. Your puppy could be shaking because of nerves. No, not because he or she is scared, but rather if you notice it why they are sleeping, just like with people when they sleep they sometimes shake or twitch, it could be the same thing. Remember your puppy is still developing in many different ways, and sometimes pulses are sent through the nervous system which will cause light shaking. Now, yes at times puppies and dogs will shake due to them being scared. Take thunderstorms for example. If you’ve ever seen your puppy or dog shake when the thunder is cracking and shaking the whole house then most likely this is fear based, and this is due to the sound being so abruptly loud. They do make products, like thunder jackets (I think that’s what they’re called). I can’t speak to whether or not they actually work.

So, why does my puppy shake, as you can see there are several theories to this question. If you feel there is a medical reason for your puppy shaking, then it is best to consult your veterinarian, or even where you got the puppy from. If you feel the shaking is intermittent and not serious enough then try some of the above tips.

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